Kingdom Connection | How to Access Kingdom Coins
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How to Access Kingdom Coins

Kingdom Coin Incentives

Ways to access Kingdom coin:


  • Through our American Remnant Resource Center (ARRC) charitable program.
  • By enrolling into our kingdom business academy, and university.
  • Enroll in Kingdom mall as a vendor.
  • Spending a certain amount in the mall through one of the vendors. (Spending and receiving amounts are different from vendor to vendor).
  • Through our National Organizations and Ministerial Recommendation raffle. (NOMR)
  • Through the crypto network exchange program.
  • Get it directly from a member.
  • Referral program.
  • By joining our social media community.

American Remnant Resource Center With our resource center we help fulfill the needs of the hurricane victims through the U.S. and Fire Victims in California. Kingdom Business Academy and University Our academy and university is where we offer education and services to help our community become financially successful.


Kingdom Mall

Kingdom mall is a network of businesses that very from retail stores to different services that accept 30% KDMC and 70% USD for payment. You also receive rewards for shopping in their store with discounts and/or KDMC. (Amounts differ from vendor to vendor.)


National Organization and Ministerial Recommendation Raffle

This program gives the opportunity to those that are seen going above and beyond exceptions in organizations and ministries. Crypto Network Exchange Program


Referral Program

An exchange of KDMC is given to anyone who refers someone to the academy and university or to becoming a vendor or to shopping in our Kingdom Mall.


Social Media Community

We will be doing monthly drawings of those who follow us on social media. There will be random extra earnings of those that give testimonials with a certain amount of views about joining one of our programs.


ICO is scheduled to commence on Nov 1 2017 at 23:00 UTC and will run for 60 days. 1 billion coins will be offered in the ICO. Each coin will be sold at a fixed price, up to the minute prices will be listed on this site.


  • A. Minimum donation of $1,000.00 you receive 20 KDMC.
  • B. Minimum donation of $5,000.00 you receive 200 KDMC.
  • C. Minimum donation of $10,000.00 you receive 1,000 KDMC.
  • D. Minimum donation of $15,000.00 you receive 3,000 KDMC.
  • E. Minimum donation of $20,000.00 you receive 20,000 KDMC